There are several ways to enhance your website SEO on Google search engine, in this post we are going to explain how to do that for authors or editors (non-technical users).

Users of the Internet search for information mainly using google search. They may ask about terms, names, products, services, or ask questions. Having these in mind we will explain how to enhance the way that users of the web can find us quickly and firstly.

Five Steps to Enhance your website rank in Google search engine

1- Promote your brand using phrasal keywords

Because the Internet is a huge storage of information, searching for one word can result in hundreds of thousands -if not a million- of results. Therefore, users are advised to use phrased keywords. To let your brand stand out of the crowd, let people know about your brand through a phrase that describes you exactly and differentiate you from others. For instance, use describers like location “Real Berlin”, product/service “hebe Cosmetics”,  “Samsung Galaxy”, and so on. You have to inform your clients what is special about you and spread the word this way.

2- Promote your products/services using smart keywords

While thinking about advertising your products, list as many phrases and questions that people are expected to search for as possible. For example, if you are selling electrical bikes, try to figure out what people may search and include such phrases in the description of your product. For instance, promote e-bikes using phrases such as “E-Bikes in Warsaw”, “Best Electric Bikes”, “eco Bikes” and so on.

3- Increase traffic to your website using social media

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Google Maps, and forums are powerful tools to increase the number of visitors to your website. Coming back to our example of electrical bikes, photo campaign or video explaining the benefit of a certain product, a blog concerning a healthy way of eco transport may catch the customers’ attention when they search for information and solutions. Increasing the traffic to your pages will mostly improving your popularity in the search results. Having a good number of visitors available, provide links for the price list or call of support fields. Some other businesses use the newsletter to attract customers who are interested in their products. However, this technique has lost its popularity due to the bulk of information that users receive more frequently than required.

4- Other technical approaches

Use practices like: Metadata for pages (Brief description appear in the search result); populating links of your website in partners websites and do the same by referring to partners’ website in your pages; provide alternative text descriptions (alt tag) to describe your image and video.  

5- Paid advertising tools

Ads, those are advertisements showing up when people search for what you offer. Google Ads and Facebook ads are good examples for such advertisements. The ads pop-up for the users based on their activity across social media, activities with other businesses (like signing up for a newsletter), activities on other websites and apps (such as viewing a web page, downloading a mobile app, …), or based on location. Promoting products with paid ads will multiply the number of users who see your products and then increase the possibility of purchase much more than free promotion.  

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