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G Suite, Workspace by Google

An online solution from Google for business. One place to connect users, to create and store your documents, and to manage users, devices and data. You do not need your own laptop or PC as your office will be on the cloud, where you will find the same environment and tools wherever you log in to your account using any access to the internet even from your phone. No need for additional hardware or software in your office rather than laptop or PC and internet to connect with your storage and apps online. No payment to IT services or for local server maintenance and development.

Team management

To connect your users, there are email, calendar, discussions, chat and video meetings. Email management is similar to a traditional free gmail environment except that you can use your own domain name (for example:,, etc.). Side by side to email, there are calendar, tasks, keep (for note taking), and more apps according to your work requirements. This combination of apps offer very smooth integration that converts emails into tasks, to schedule events/reminders, or to take notes connected with specific email or events/reminders. Additionally, you can watch your users aside, where you can chat, call, or share an email  or document in a couple of clicks.

Creating document

Google provides apps to create docs (text co-editing), Sheets (Advanced spreadsheets), Forms (Easy surveys and forms), slides (Presentation), Keep (to capture ideas & notes), and even more. The documents can be easily edited by multi-user workspace and menaged the access of each document separately. Many apps offer to make an offline copy that you can edit while you do not have internet connection and save the updated version when you have access to the internet. One last thing, documents have version history so that you can track the changes made by different users. 

Cloud Storage

Google provides cloud storage differs in size according to the plan that you may select based on your needs. In cloud storage, you can control sharing documents with different users according to their relevance. One more feature offered by Google cloud solution is the powerful cloud search across G suite.

Administration and security

G Suite has an Admin app to manage users, devices, security. Using Admin you can add/remove users, assign suitable permissions for each user, and select security options that fit your business privacy. Vault is another administration app that Keeps track of what matters. Retain, search, and export your organization’s data (available only for G Suite Business and Enterprise edition).

Working Remotely with G Suite

Google provides integrated solutions for email management (business emails with your own domain/s names), calendar, Video meetings, group chat, and document collaboration apps make it easy to work from home and telecommute from anywhere. 


Our Support for you

We In AppData, Offer Our Clients A Full Administrative Service To Sign-Up Your Company With G Suite And Transfer Your Users Emails And Data Into Google Cloud Services. For More Information About G Suite Contact us.