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Workspace Applications

  • Keep your contacts, emails, calendars, tasks, and documents in one place
  • Cloud workspace let you work from home, phone, or any other computer exactly similar to the desktop of your office desktop
  • Fast track and search events and documents
  • Easy to integrate applications (ex. Email with task and calendar or users) 

Workspace includes:

  • Contact management 
  • Email storage 
  • Calendars
  • Tasks
  • Create and share Documents (text editor, spreadsheet, slides, notes, forms, etc)
  • Webpages

Cloud Workspace help you to:

  • Navigate your work tools from one dashboard
  • Control privacy for documents by providing different permission levels for users 
  • Coordinate your work in a multi-user environment
  • Get higher level of security
  • Cut expenses spent to IT maintenance and hardware
  • Work on same environment from home, phone, other computers as in your office desktop

Every Business is Unique

  • We provide consultancy and recommendation for affordable office productivity tools
  • Providing training on Microsoft Office and Google productivity tools. 

Investing in technological solutions for better productivity increases your credibility, decreasing stress, minimizing cost and documenting your communication.